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Space Combat Starter Kit - Unreal 4 100% Blueprint

This is a 100% blueprint Space Combat Starter Kit with VR support and 6DoF Physics based flight and AI for Unreal 4.

Included is a procedural instanced asteroid field with destructible-when-hit asteroids, a milky way background, a 6DoF Physics based pawn, and AI for the fighters with aim prediction, physics based flight and random tactics/maneuvers

All of this is exposed to you and editable so you can learn how it's done or change it to your desired functionality.

Latest Updates:

July 19th - Added Custom 4K Asteroids! Made the instanced asteroid field generator more modular (simply add a static mesh and a destructible mesh to the exposed arrays and your new asteroid/model will show up). Optimizations.

July 18th - Added Music Player with 3D menu (VR support), Gamepad Support, Tactical Mode (T/Select [Early - effects are being made, but you can fly around in slow-mo and possess different fighters]), AI firing missiles, missile warning display, general improvements and bug fixes
July 16th - Added 4rd person camera chase mode, destructible enemy ships, balance changes and bug fixes
July 15th - added team balance mode to spawners so one side won't overwhelm the other, added start of modular hud - health section with health bar, weapon section with selected weapon and ammo, and unit tracker with allies / enemies listed
July 14th - added targeting reticules to the hud showing allied/enemy positions, color coded respectively
July 13th - added missiles with VR support (target what you're looking at)

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Published284 days ago
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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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